Wednesday, October 11, 2006

McDonald's Song and Eragon

I saw a really cool little video today. It's about some people who were bored and they made an order for McDonald's in song. And here it is:

McDonald's Drive-Thru Song

Also I saw the trailer for the Eragon Movie! It was really awesome. Go to Click on the "enter site" button. Then click the "The Film" button. And then just wait! I can't wait for the movie. I think Saphira looks really good. Also I like Durza the Shade.

Monday, September 18, 2006


I made a blintz for breakfast today. A blintz is like a thin large pancake with heated cream cheese in the middle, all rolled up with syrup on it, or fruit on it if you want.

First, you take a half-cup of pancake mix. Then you take a 1/4 cup of water, plus a little more. And an egg. And you mix that up all really good so it's thin and swirly and sloppy and glushy and smooshy.

Then you butter a bigish frying pan and heat it on lowish heat. Then you pour the batter in and let it cook and then you flip it with a spatula and cook it a little longer. And you put a couple of spoonfuls of cream cheese into a bowl and microwave it for about 10 seconds. And then you put the blintz on a plate and you glop the cream cheese in, and fold one side over the cream cheese and then roll the whole thing up. Pour some syrup on it, get a fork, and then devour!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Henry's Party Day - Today!

I had my birthday party today. It was really really fun. It was a good sunny day -- perfect for what I was doing. It was a swimming party, and videogames, and water balloons, and fun. My actual birthday isn't until the 27th, Wednesday after next. My mom, dad, and stepdad are going to give me presents on my actual birthday. A good number of friends came. Nathan and Laura, Fargo, Kasey and Chipper, Sam, Cierra, Cassidy, and Daneesha. Plus me makes ten children.

We had cherry pie and pizza and deviled eggs (I made the deviled eggs). I had a pinata that looked like a black dragon.

I got 4 bionicles, metal puzzles, a dragon egg with a dragon in it, water guns, and a $45 gift certificate to Boarnes and Noble and a really cool bookmark!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Lots of Books

I read a lot of books this summer.

I read:
Deltora Quest 1: The Force of Silence
Deltora Quest 2: The Lake of Tears
Deltora Quest 3: The City of the Rats
Deltora Quest 4: The Shifting Sands
Deltora Quest 5: Dread Mountain
Deltora Quest 6: The Maze of the Beast
Deltora Quest 7: The Valley of the Lost
Deltora Quest 8: Return to Del
Deltora Shadowlands 1: The Cavern of the Fear
Deltora Shadowlands 2: The Isle of Illusion
Deltora Shadowlands 3: The Shadowlands

My mom read these to me:
By The Great Horn Spoon

(I will put links to these tomorrow, hopefully)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fierce Celtic Warrior

I'm sorry I havn't blogged for so long, but here I am now.

I made some Celtic Warrior Gear today. In my History book, there are stories about the history of the world, and there is an activity book that goes with it, you know -- coloring, projects, quizzes, etc. And so I made a Celtic Double-Bladed Axe. It's made of a wrapping-paper cardboard tube, some cardboard for the blades, and string, and paper, and glue, and tape, and a blue marker (optional). First we cut out the blades, and then we covered the cardboard blades with white paper. Then I had to go to karate. But when I came back, I colored the blades with blue marker, swirly and circley designs. And then my mom cut slits in the cardboard tube and I slid the axe blades right in there. And then we put some string in a X-formation to keep the blades attached, although it's kind of coming off right now, so I'll cut some slits in the blades and re-wrap it tomorrow.

Then I started making the Celtic Dragon Brooch, which is really cool but it's kind of hard to describe. It has green and red and blue marker on it in an abstract dragon design. It's made of cardboard and rubber cement and tape and paper and markers. And a pin on the back, which I just taped on, although the instructions said to hot-glue it but we couldn't find the hot glue. And the cloak is just a towel -- any towel will do. You spread the towel out so the short ends are facing to either side of you, then pin them together over your shoulder with the brooch. And tomorrow my mom and I are going to get something to put blue designs upon my body, and then I will be a fierce Celtic Warrior attacking the Roman badguy!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I did lots of great things today! One of the great things I did was this morning I had an omelete! My first omelete in life. I loved it. My mother made it for me, and it had tomatoes and cheese and omelete in it! I played a lot of Ocarina of Time today. I am so far! I think the last time I blogged was when I had two of the three Spiritual Stones. Now I have all three Spiritual Stones, the first Medalion, which is the Light Medalion, and I'm working on getting the second which is the Wood Medalion. It is very hard getting it. I haven't got anywhere close to it. And I am Adult Link, yay!

I downloaded the latest version of the Lego Digital Designer, which is version 1.6 but I liked 1.5 better so I will reinstall it.

I played a very little bit of World of Warcraft -- not much though. I finished one quest.

Well, my mom will read me a bedtime story now. We finished Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang two nights ago. It was very good!

If you liked the Evolution of Dance video that I posted last time, please comment and say you liked it. Well, good-whenever-you're-reading-this.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Evolution of Dance

I found this awesome new video today. My mom saw it first and she thought it was so funny! And then I saw it later and I thought it was also very funny. It's this guy who does all these dances to little snatches of tunes. And it's really funny! And I've tried to dance along with almost all of the dances.

Evolution of Dance

They've announced what the Alliance race will be in the expansion pack, The Burning Crusade, for World of Warcraft. And since I haven't posted for a while, I have a few thigns to tell you.

Zinny got to level 45. He got Zorbin's Mega-Slicer. Kara got to 42 with her Druid, Animala.

And I've been playing a lot of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time lately. I got the first two stones and I'm working on getting the third. And then, I think, I have to go to Hyrule Castle, I'll get the Ocarina of Time, I'll learn the Song of Time, and I will become Adult Link. And that will be cool!

Well, my mom should read me a bedtime story now 'cause I'm really tired from all that dancing!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Zorbin's MegaSlicer

I was up at 4:30 this morning. Early, eh? I played a good amount of World of Warcraft today, too. Zinny is almost level 45! Then he can get the Zapped Giants quest. And then if Lamenth, my dad, will help me with that, then I can get Zorbin's MegaSlicer, which is a cool sword. It has a notch in it. Also I have a Phantom Blade. It is really good. It has a chance-on-hit effect, which is it decreases armor by 120. I am trying to get an icy enchant on it so it looks even cooler. I ate bread and butter for dinner. I swam with the turtle.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bionicle Bin

I am very tired right now. But I am going to dance with my Grandma! It will be fun, I think. We have not danced for centuries = (a few months).

I got a big bucket of Bionicle Parts, and my dad and I made some Bionicles. I haven't decided names for two of them yet. I haven't thought of names for any of them yet. I am loooking at two right now. One has a tail, two arms and two legs. His tail helps him stand up. And the other has a cool knife, a shield, no tail, but some cool shoulder pads. I'm planning on making a little thing about them, like a movie or a comic.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I love my bike a lot. It is so cool. It is green! I feel happy when I ride it, except the seat is a little bit too hard. There is nowhere to ride around here, so I just went back and forth in the hall, not very fast, just enough to get the feel of my bike.

I played WoW for a while today. It was fun. I got all four Skullsplitter Fetishes. It was hard to find the Mystics who dropped them.

Well, my mom will read me a bedtime story now, so goodnight, or good day -- whenver you're reading this.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Animal Park

I did a lot of good stuff today. I went to the Wild Animal Park. I saw the lion chewing a bone, I saw the white tiger looking at me through a big clump of grass and trees.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Lots of Work

Today I did a whole bunch of work. First I took books off my Grandmom's desk, which I had taken off before but she put back on this morning. So I had to move the books so my mom and step-dad could move the desk so it wasn't blocking the window and then I had to put the books back which was very tiring. And then I sat around and watched my Mom cleaning my Grandmom's computer, and then I assembled three lamps. And then I cleaned up the big mess. Lots of work, eh?

And then I ate a very hearty dinner. Half a box of macaroni-and-cheese-and-peas and a giant cookies-n-cream ice cream cone. I finished off the entire tub. I am very tired now and my mom should read me a bedtime story now.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Almost 44 today. I think I will probably level to 44 tomorrow. I did four quests today.

1) I did the Witherbark Cages
2) I went to the Altar of Zul. That was hard.
3) I went to Nethergarde Keep.
4) I did Voodoo Dues
5) I did Kurzen's Mystery
6) I did The Curse of the Tides

I guess that's more than four!

Now I order my mom to read me a bedtime story.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cortello's Riddle

Today I did four quests in World of Warcraft. They were all very fun. First we went to a bridge. The quest was a rhyming riddle:

There is an ornate, well-traveled bridge
East of Deadwind and south of Redridge
Underneath there waits something for you
Some call it a hint, others a clue
There it will lie for endless tomorrows
Biding its time in the Swamp of Sorrows

Isn't that a cool riddle? I like the part about an "ornate, well-traveled bridge, east of Deadwind and south of Redridge." That's cool 'cause it rhymes.

For the second quest we had to kill dragon whelps. Those are small little green floaty dragon things.

And for the third quest we had to collect driftwood. That wasn't too hard. We had to kill a few basilisks and murlocs but it wasn't too hard.

And for the fourth quest, all we had to do was go to some dude in Nethergarde Keep. My mom hit level 41 today!

I designed and built a new bionicle today. I will put a picture of him up tomorrow.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Carrot on a Stick and 43

I got a Carrot on a Stick today in World of Warcraft. It was very very hard. Also I leveled to level 43 -- YAY! Carrot on a Stick was very hard to get. It was in a dungeon and we had to go all the way through to get it and it was all very high levels. Carrot on a Stick increases your mount speed by 3%.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Today. Yay yay 42 yay! I got to 42 today. Also my mom got her mount, yay!

We went to the library today. We got three audio books, two Junie Jones, the "Days of knights and damsels" activity book, and the Lord of the Rings official movie guide.

Also we made two cardboard swords from the Activity Book, and then when my step-dad got home from work, he made me a wooden one! And we plan on making two more - one for him, and one for my friend Fargo who is coming over soon.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good Podcasts

I played World of Warcraft for a while today. My mother is almost level 40. Zinny is almost level 42.

I've been reading the Harry Potter books through and through over the last few days. I finished the first one, and I started the second one. I usually read about a chapter or two a day. I'm in chapter 8, on page 72 or 73, in Chamber of Secrets now.

I like to listen to two Harry Potter podcasts. Mugglecast and Pottercast.
They're both very good, they talk about Harry Potter books and movies.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Here is a photo of Corporal Zinny on his mount:

He almost made level 42 today! Not quite, but almost. I did a really hard quest today, it was so hard, I died so many times. We had to get Mokk's Heart. He is a gorilla. There were like 10 gorillas guarding him, all over level 41.

Today I helped my mom kill Bhag'Thera, a 43 elite panther. Now she has to kill Tethis, a 43 elite raptor, and then we get to kill King Bangalosh. He is another elite. And then we can be on the same quest!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Corporal Zinny

I got to Corporal today! Isn't that sweet? Corporal is the one after Private. The next military rank in the game is Sergeant. Woohoo, sounds cool! I can't wait to be one!

I can't wait for my friend Fargo to come over. We're not quite sure what the date will be, but it's sometime in the week of the tenth.

I had a huge dinner tonight. I had stir-fry, an ice cream cone, and an entire PB&B (peanut-butter and banana) sandwich.

I also went to the Wild Animal Park today.
It rainhed so much today. I think it still is.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Scout Yry

I had a good day today. I hurt my leg yesterday, which is too bad. It still kind of aches when I move but it's not too bad. My step-dad got a pretty cool new game called Oblivion. It is very fun. I have a character, I forget the name of the character but I know I have him, he is a wood elf and he has this huge sword and he can use a bow and arrows, and a shield. And I can do magic too. And he's a Knight. I played a lot of World of Warcraft today. I played one of my older characters, Yry. He is Scout Yry. "Scout" is the Horde equivalent of the Alliance "Private." It is the first military ranking.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


I did some really really hard stuff in World of Warcraft today. The first part wasn't so hard, we just had to kill a lot of ogres. And we had to get some wand from this main named ogre dude, I don't remember his name. It was something like "Something the Something." The second part was where we had to go in this awful place called Stromgarde, and we had to get this Azure Agate and it was so hard! 'Cause only Shamans drop them and they don't drop them often and there are a whole bunch of 40 elites there. So we finally did that and then we stopped.

We cleaned my room a bit today. It looks much better. I can actually walk around in it now. There was a huge pile of toys but not anymore. And then I built a carrying case for my Yu-Gi-Oh cards. It's this silver case, and it has two latches, and when you open those, the Yu-Gi-Oh cards are there. I have five entire decks, and I have six fusion cards. Fusion cards are cards you can only use if you put together two other cards to form that card.

I pulled a muscle in karate today. It still hurts. I had a bath for about an hour.

I watched some new episodes of a funny video podcast called Ask A Ninja. It's a bit violent and there's a little bit of Language, buit it's not that bad and it's VERY funny. It's where these people write in to the Ninja (we don't know his name, he doesn't have a name) and he answers their questions in his own unique way. I'd recommend it if you want a funny podcast!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


One hundred three Honorable Kills today! (One hundred thirty-three in all.) Six times in Warsong Gulch! Those were my big achievements today in World of Warcraft. I will become Private Zinny, hopefully, by Tuesday.

I went to Karate today. I listened to a story: The Little Lame Prince. I'm helping proof-listen for librivox.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Harry Potter 6/LEGOland

I was listening to Harry Potter 6 on my computer today. The full title is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The reader is cool because he is the actor who played Jeeves in the Jeeves and Wooster TV series - Steven Fry. He's a good reader. He puts lots of emotion into his readings.

I played NO World of Warcraft. Awwww. 'Cause it was down! But according to the patch information, there is going to be weather now, so like it can snow and it can rain and I bet there'll be sand storms too in Tanaris. That is so cool!

I got my photo taken today. I don't know what it's like 'cause I don't have it yet.

I went to LEGOland with my mom yesterday. It was super super super fun! I built a really cool racecar there. It was fun.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Level 40!

Level 40! Level 40! Level 40!

I got to level 40 on Saturday! Woohoo! (My character Zinny, in World of Warcraft)

Level 40 is important to me because 1) I get to wear mail 2) I get a mount and 3) I feel invincible!

I have my mount now. Isn't that sweet? My mount cost about 90 gold. Now I have 6!

Here is a screenshot of me on my mount, Sybar. My mom took it; she is the elf sitting down.

The reason Sybar is yawning is that I pressed the jump button. If you're not moving and you press the jump button, she yawns. But if you're moving, she jumps!

My mom is going to read me a bedtime story now, so goodnight!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Level 39!

Last night I leveled to 39! Wooohoo! Just one more level and I'll have my mount. A mount, in my case, will be a big black sabre cat that increases my speed by 60% in World of Warcraft. I have a spell that allows me to run 30% faster, but 60 is much higher than 30 so it's much better. There is also a much more expensive mount that is like 900 gold but this one is only 90 gold.

I just beat my mom three out of four rounds of Speed, a very fun card game. I am getting really good!

I had a dream last night that I was riding my mount. I will most certainly post a picture of Zinny, my character, when I get my mount. Zinny will be on his mount at the time. My mom leveled her druid, Animala, to 38 today.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Deadly tricks and poster

I like simple days. Today was one.

My grandma is listening to the music from a play that I was in that she's going to play the music for soon, but I'm not in it this time. The music is so happy! It makes me feel happy.

I played World of Warcraft for a lot of time today. While my mom is typing this for me, I'm doing tricks with my LEGO motorcycle man. DEADLY TRICKS. Like front flips, crashes, KAPLOOM.

I had a great day today.

The art teacher at my school gave me a poster today. It's for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. (Awesome game!) It's really cool, shows all the main characters except Ganon.

Monday, March 13, 2006

New Game & Level 37!

I invented a really fun new game today. It involves World of Warcraft, LEGOs, and Lord of the Rings action figures. It is really fun. If I have time I'll videotape it tomorrow. Maybe my mom can videotape it on her camera and I'll maybe post a video of it. I played World of Warcraft today for a very long time with my mom. It was super-dee-douper-dee-douper-dee-fun. I leveled to 37! I have 68 or 67 gold. I need 90 for my mount and I need to level three more times.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I bought a new LEGO model today, It's called a V-Wing. It's really cool! I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on DVD today. It was good! I also got two whole HUGE boxes of LEGOs from my cousin Daniel. They're really awesome!

Friday, March 10, 2006


I rebuilt my LEGO ARC-170 starfighter today. I'll put a picture of it tomorrow, and maybe even screenshots of my WoW characters. I rebuilt most of the body back in October, but then I finished the body and the wings just today. I built it in front of the fireplace. It was very very super fun. I'nm fiddling with it right now.

I played some WoW today with my mom. We are in Dustwallow Marsh.

I ahd the most delicious awesome dinner ever, My mom made awesome soup. It was made of potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, chicken broth, salt, pepper, cream cheese, and grated cheese. Even though I don't like onions I ate it all up!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Banana DNA

I extracted a banana of its DNA in science class today. It was cool! The teacher put some chopped up banana and water in a mixer and she blended it for 15-20 seconds. Then we did a cool mixture. The mixture was basically some water, some alcohol, some salt, and some shampoo. Then we poured the stuff all together with the banana. We extracted the DNA though a coffee filter over a cup, and then we put it into a little vial with alcohol in it and the DNA came to the very top. It looked like little white bubbles. And then i took it out with a paperclip and it looked funny! It looked like saliva!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Good Day

That was a good day I had. I woke up. My mom made me a good breakfast. She made me a fried egg and toast - yum! Then I went to theater class. It was good. We had pizza for lunch from That Pizza Place. I played pinball and did well. I wish I had my own pinball game.

I had an awesome dinner. It was delicious. My first course was half an avocado, and then I had a huge portion of green beans, then I had two little potatoes, and then I had a cone of ice cream, and then I had a banana, and then I was done!

I have 50 gold in my World of Warcraft game. That is awesome. I need 90 for my mount.

I watched The Sting with my mom and my step-grandma. It was good. It was funny because everybody was tricking everybody.

Here is a picture of my Winged Kariboh:

Here is a picture of some striped pants that my mom knitted. I'm wearing them right now. They're very comfy. I'm in a dance pose in this picture.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Maybe I should do my blog tomorrow when I'm less tired. So here is your blog post for today. I'll do one tomorrow that's longer. My mom made me a Winged Kariboh and we will put a picture of him on my next blog post.

My character in World of Warcraft got a cool new helmet that is five more armor than the one he had before. Yay! And my rogue in WoW is level 10 and knows duel wield.

Tomorrow I might put a screenshot of Zinny and his cool armor. Also I might put a screenshot my my rogue and her dual wield.


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Today was very unfortunate. I was supposed to have theater class, but the teacher's daughter was sick she cancelled class. That made me feel sad.

I tried a soup and I didn't like it. And my mom made me have it for dinner, and since I didn't finish it she's making me have it for breakfast!

My LEGO sphere broke and I can't figure out how to fix it.

Here are some things that happened that aren't unfortunate:
I did an ice-skating performance which wasn't actually on ice with my grandma. It was really fun! My mom video-recorded it.

My mom broke her mop today so we went to go get a new one. I wasn't really excited but I wasn't complaining.

Karate was fine!

My mom and I were watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It's a very funny movie!

I made my room cleaner today with my mom's help! It is very nice now. I found some Tech-Decks!

Monday, February 27, 2006


I learned a new song on the piano today. It's really awesome. If you've beaten "The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker" it's the part where Link reaches out his hand to the King of Hyrule when he's floating up to the surface at the very end after you beat Ganan. It's very very fun to play -- the song and the game!

A piano student this morning came and told me that I should come listen to him playing a song and it just happpened to be the song that I was just describing to you. It was awesome. Then I got all excited and I said ""Teach me teach me teach me!" but then he had to go but he left the music for me on purpose and my mom helped me learn it. If I get good enough at it I'll record it and put it on my blog.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Here are some pictures of my LEGO train station and LEGO sphere:
Lego Constructions

I woke up at 11:15. I slept in.

On Friday night I beat The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker for the first time! It was awesome. I can't wait for Twilight Princess to come out!

I started a new character on World of Warcraft at my dad's house. My character is a level 7 human rogue and she is vice-guildmaster in her guild.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

New gear!

Today I got new karate gear! My mom bought it for me. I got a new cup, and a new mouthguard, and some lovely new handpads! They're on me right now. They feel much better than my old ones because they leave my palms entirely free, and I can put them on either hand. They're the right size, too. My old one were getting worn out and too small.

I got the part of Grandpa Joe in the play of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a very funny role!

My mom and I went outside today for a long time. I played guitar and we brought the pets out. The turtle dug in the ground and buried herself, and the bird just sat in his cage, chirping. The reason we went outside was that it was a very nice lovely day. Also I played with a ball.

We also played World of Warcraft for a long time, and we sat upstairs and listened to a story while we both did handwriting. It's easy to do handwriting while listening to a story; however if you're trying to watch a movie and do handwriting you get all confused about which you want to do more, but when you listen to a story you can do both.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I like four different bands a lot. The names of the bands are Led Zeppelin, They Might Be Giants, Rush, and Pink Floyd. My favorite songs from these four bands are:

Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
Experimental Film (TMBG)
2112 (the 18-minute version) (Rush)
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)

I like playing along with Wish You Were Here a lot.

Tomorrow I will find out what role I will play in the play of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I'll put up pictures of my LEGO sphere soon.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My cat tried to eat my bird today. It was very startling. I was sitting upstairs at my computer and my mom was in her room, and suddenly there was a big crash and the birdcage fell over. I didn't see it but I knew what was happening because there was this big crash -- boom! I rushed downstairs at the speed of light and my mom came out of her room and my step-dad came out too, and the birdcage was on its side and Roger, the bird, was under the paper and there was seed everywhere! And then my stepdad ran upstairs because that's where the cat ran and he grabbed her and threw her outside! As I'm typing this, Roger is chirping away as if nothing had happened whatsoever.

I finished a LEGO thing with my mom today. It's a LEGO train station, and here's a movie of me giving you a tour of it.

Train Station Tour

I also made a LEGO sphere. I will put a picture up tomorrow. I got the idea from a book I got for Christmas called The Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide. It is so good! I recommend you get one today, or as soon as possible, or soon. The author writes the book in such an easy way to understand.

Well, my mom is going to read me a bedtime story now, so goodnight! Have a good two-days-after-Valentine's-Day, depending on when you're reading this!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

I went to karate and theater today. My teacher will tell me who I will be next week, probably.

I played with my new lego guys today and I had a good dinner. First I had olives, then I had more olives with green beans (I love olives), and then I had a potato and I had some chocolate. Very good dinner.

Monday, February 13, 2006

I haven't blogged in a long time, so i'm going to make this one an extra-long one.

Today I found a surprise $20 bill in a Christmas card from my grandma. My mom was cleaning out her desk and she found it and put it on the coffee table for me and when I woke up, I saw it! I decided to get some new toys with it so we went to the Toys-r-Us nearby and I got two new toys. I got two new exo-force guys. They're very cool. One's name is Grand Titan and the other doesn't have a name but I just call him 7711 because that's what he has on his sticker. They're both very very cool. When you press on Grand Titan's back, it makes a little cord light up which goes to his laser canon which spins! They are legos. Legos are awesome. So are Bionicles. So, I built them today and I've been playing with them. I'm playing with them right now!

I just went to the beach. It was very very fun. My leg got hurt from walking so much. I brought my light-saber with me and I was showing my mom all the cool moves I know.