Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Good Day

That was a good day I had. I woke up. My mom made me a good breakfast. She made me a fried egg and toast - yum! Then I went to theater class. It was good. We had pizza for lunch from That Pizza Place. I played pinball and did well. I wish I had my own pinball game.

I had an awesome dinner. It was delicious. My first course was half an avocado, and then I had a huge portion of green beans, then I had two little potatoes, and then I had a cone of ice cream, and then I had a banana, and then I was done!

I have 50 gold in my World of Warcraft game. That is awesome. I need 90 for my mount.

I watched The Sting with my mom and my step-grandma. It was good. It was funny because everybody was tricking everybody.

Here is a picture of my Winged Kariboh:

Here is a picture of some striped pants that my mom knitted. I'm wearing them right now. They're very comfy. I'm in a dance pose in this picture.

1 comment:

Bronwyn G said...

Henry you look stylish in your striped pants.

Sorry you had a nightmare last night but glad there weren't any Bad Guys.