Monday, January 31, 2005

We rented a videogame today. It is "Zelda 4 swords" for gamecube. I played a little bit of World of Warcraft today. I traded Fargo a Sam action figure from Lord of the Rings for a lightsaber-holder. I didn't have a very good one before. For instance, if you go upside down it doesn't come off your belt instantly! We jumped rope and we used our lightsabers.

Friday, January 28, 2005

I played World of Warcraft today. I grew to level 17. I just killed some pretty easy monsters and then I was there! It was very fun. I think it was yesterday I saw an ad for World of Warcraft on a computer at CompUSA.

The day before yesterday I built a little lego car. Here is a short movie of it:

Since you have seen the movie, you would know, or maybe not, that the gray things on the sides are balancer things. Because if it fell over on its side they would be there and they would stop it from falling down completely. And they are also made out of hard rubber in the car that I would be dreaming of if I actually made a real one and they would be springy so you would spring back and be on your wheels again.

We collected Grell Earrings in the game. When we handed in that quest it was worth 900 experience which was pretty good!

I played with my friends today. We played outside mostly, trying to think of what to do. We played Hide and Seek. I drank a wierd vegetable drink that looked brown and disgusting but was actually delicious.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

I got a fish today. I named it Eleanor Scales. I played some World of Warcraft today too. I didn't do much in it, just walked around. Fought some wimpy monsters.

I have a new needlepoint thing that my mom made for me! It is of a Pikachu. That's a Pokemon. I am working on the outline. I already did the eyes. I am working on the ear right now, too. Here is a picture of me working on it:

I got a new shirt. It is a little bit long on the sleeves, so hopefully my Mom can make it fit me sometime soon. It's what my character in World of Warcraft has -- a stretchy tight shirt. And it's red.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

We went to the art museum. It was fun. We went with my second cousin, Chloe. She is nice! We went to the plant museum. I liked the lemon-smelling plant.

I played my pokemon game called pokemon leafgreen. It was fun! I got farther. I got a cool thing that lets me fly to any city that I've been to already. There are still three more places that I have not explored. There is a place that is almost entirely surrounded by water, there is a place that IS surrounded by water, and there is a place that you go up a road and you need different badges to get to. Those are all the places that I have not gone to yet in this part of the game. My mom has a character in the game too. We traded some pokemon. She doesn't like the pokemon cartoon but she likes the game.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

I built a talk-box today with my dad. It was kind of hard. We spent all day shopping for the parts: Two Jacks, A box, a horn-driver, a switch (but the wrong one), a tube, and some pipe. Actually it wasn't all day, It was about five hours. Its pretty cool!!!! I am going to go break it in. There is a song called "wearing a raincoat" by They Might Be Giants that has a cool talk box in it. Talk box makes your voice distorted sometimes.

My dad has a very disgusting looking pizza with chicken, pineapples, and BBQ sauce. ;-O It looked soooo disgusting that I didn't even dare take a bite, It was that horrible looking.

Friday, January 14, 2005

We played World of Warcraft today, me and my mom. We went someplace completely different, the eastern kingdoms. I got a new sword, it's 2-handed, it's really good, it does 20 to 30 damage. I am level 14 now. My pet is level 12, I think. My mom is level 13. It's a run! We explored the Fargodeep mine, which was wayyyyyyyy too easy. We explored the jasperload mine which was kind of hard since I ran through the camps on a bloodthirsty rampage but then I retreated and almost died. I guess that's what you get for a bloopdthirsty rampage. After that, the Jasperload mine wasn;t too hard. We found a new type of spider called the Mine Spider. It wasn't too hard. But it looked very dangerous, all black with red spot on the back. We went through the Wetlands which was sort of hard. My mom died two time. I just kept running on the road. I explored Ironforge. Which is a cool place. To get there, we had to go through the Wetlands then we had to go through some supposedly orc-infested tunnels but there was nothing there. We took a ship from Auberdine to Menethil. We also explored Stormwind!

I painted a picture of a bionicle. Here it is:

I have the real bionicle. It has a slightly different color of red on the head.

Friday, January 07, 2005

It is raining so hard where I am! I love it so much! I hope it snows in the mountains, but I probably can't go because I don't have the right gear.

I wish I had World of Warcraft here, but since I am with my dad for a while I don't. Maybe we can go out and buy it today.

I have a shorter post today than usual because my posts are all about world of warcraft, but because I don't have it here right now, I don't have such a long post. My dad has the website so I will try to make a poetry piece. Here it is:

I am tired this morning
Cause I didn't sleep well.
Actually I did,
but my sister miguel
Won't let me sleep.
She always says
"He he he".

I don't really have a sister miguel.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

In World of Warcraft today I played longer than my mom. Quite a while longer. My pet grew to level 8, I grew to level 12, and my mom is level 10. I took a hippogriff today. That's part horse, part eagle. It was very fun. Then I took a ship back. I could have ridden but I decided to do that instead. We slayed the giant spider Lady Sathrah. She was very hard. She gave us a silvery spinarette. A nice person helped us fight the spider. I was the highest of them all. He was level 9. I've been playing the longest with that character.

I built part of my treehouse today. I had lunch with a friend in it.

My dad has a blog now. The link is

We chatted with my Aunt Kathy who got here the day before yesterday. Are you having a good time Kathy? "Mmhmm!" Good!

We read another chapter in my new book. "Junie B., First Grader: BOO! And I MEAN it!" It is a funny funny book and I recommend it very much. There are misspellings which is funny and there are words that don't exist like "shreddle". That is in the book!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I went to karate today. I had fun. We did a type of sparring. If you don't know what sparring is, it's a type of drill. If you don't know what a drill is, it's a type of exercise.

In World of Warcraft today I played for a couple of hours and I got a pet in my game. I learned how to feed it, I learned how to revive it from being dead, I can call it, he can eat meat and fish. He is a Nightsaber, that's like a saber-tooth tiger, only black. The different character I have in the game, Nsx, can fish. My pet's name is Bytr. I like World of Warcraft so much! My mother's character, Ramona, is a warrior in the game. She can use a shield, which I can't. Since I am a hunter, I can train animals. My character's name is Zinny and he can fish now. I am pretty far in the game. My mom and I went to a new place in the game called the Oracle Glade. It was very hard. I died. My mom ran. My pet survived even though he was level 6 and the bad guys were like level 9. I summoned him as soon as I resurrected myself. Then we went and killed some Gnarlpine Mystics and a special Gnarlpine guy whose name I don't remember but I remember his title -- Dream-eater. That's when my pet died. I killed the bad guy, I got a gem, I completed a quest. My mom and I went southwest. We got to a new spot which I had been to before once. I found it but I was never in it. We met a new type of Nightsaber called a nightsaber elder. All the other ones are listed here:

A young nightsaber
A nightsaber (that's what my pet is)
A nightsaber stalker
A nightsaber elder

Those are all I can think of. There might be more but those are all I can think of right now.

My character, Zinny, is level 11 now.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


For my big project for 2005, I would like to make a lightsaber. I have what looks like the inside of one and I might be able to make something that isn't very dangerous but is a little bit like it. I have a thing that I got for Christmas that shows me the inside of it.