Friday, April 15, 2011

Valve is Ingenious

Valve is a very intelligent company.

" "

I have 4 points why:

1: Hype. If they do manage to "gather enough points" a lot of people will buy the game early. Not only the people who were going to buy it anyway (me), but this campaign is going viral through the internet, Guarantying new customers, which brings me to my next point.

2: Money. not only will Valve generate capitol from the sales of Portal 2, but they also make money from the discounted indie games they're advertising and selling.

3: Customer Relations. This will not only reinforce Valve's relationship with their current costumer base, but also form new and equally as faithful customers from this incredible campaign.

4: Company Relations. Not only do both Valve /and/ indie companies create income from this collaboration, but in games like Audiosurf, there is a Portal Gun as a playable avatar, this not only increases the drive for customers to play the game, but also opens up future game possibilities between the indie companies and Valve. \

that's why I think Valve is Ingenious.

Monday, November 01, 2010

short story

short story Monday is started.

story 1.

the stairs.

To start, I must tell you my mother times the coffee machine for insane times in the morning, so this mistake was well placed. It was 2 am when I woke up to the sound of a coffee maker dripping, dripping, dripping. It drove me up the wall. I got up, and walked down the unreliable rickety staircase, creaking, I knew that I was being the opposite of stealthy. My sister, Maggie, dressed in her princess pajamas, opened her door, and said, "John, what are you doing?" I said I was just going downstairs to turn off the coffee maker, it had woken me up.
"Can I come?"
I said sure, but only if she promised to go right to sleep after. With her promise tightly secured by a lock and key, I picked up my 8 year old sister, and we went down the stairs. What was waiting for us, we never could have foreseen.

The bodies of my parents were quite possibly the worst sight I ever had seen. My mother, in her red dress that always gained her the wrong kind attention, and my father in his bathrobe, arms flayed like a crucified bank accountant had a shocked look on his face. "Mags, go up stairs. Now."
"But John, I. I. Mom?"
"mags. Now."
The little girl just sank on the floor, and cried.

I heard a clanking sound coming from the kitchen, and I heard a rough voice saying, "Shit! Kids!" and two men dressed in black turtlenecks with a green snake embroidered on the back, ran out of the screen door.
I grabbed the nearest thing I could, an old blue umbrella, told Mags to call the police, and charged head first into danger.

No one could run faster then I, with my 15 year old agility , a burning feeling of pain and excitement resided in my stomach, and an adrenaline rush like nothing I had ever experienced, caught up with the burglars. I beat the closest one, a man in his forties, over the head with the umbrella, he swore, and turned around, producing a butterfly knife. He charged me. I hit his hand with my umbrella tip, causing him to drop the knife. The other, turned around, pulled a gun. And fired.

My last thoughts were the blue and red lights on street. And of mags. Now all alone. I felt sorry for her. Wished I could have stayed alive, or had her die with me. Not for her to be left alone. An eight year old with an idiot brother.
And then. Nothing.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm back and better then ever!

Well, It's been three years! I can't belive that i haven't posted for that long!

Well, I am almost 15 now, and I am back! seeing as time has passed, so have my interests, tastes in music, and stuff, so don't be shocked if the main theme of this site is no longer Bionicles and World of Warcraft.

Glad to be back.


Monday, August 20, 2007


Hi, sorry it has been a while since I posted.
Ok so I am very interested in this game called Go. This is how I learned about it.
So I went to the book store with my dad. We were looking for a bass player magazine with a Geddy Lee interview in it and while we were in the magazine section I picked up an issue of Shonen Jump and there was a bit of a comic called Hikaru no Go and it was about Go so I got interested in it and two days later I went to the book store again and I got a book called "The book of GO".

My mom and I played about ten games just now -- very fun, I would recommend it.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rush! Snakes and Arrows Tour

I went to a Rush concert last night and it was really fun! I was really close to the stage, too. My step-dad took me. It was in Irvine, not too far from our house. I was nine rows back from the stage. I can't even describe it, it was so awesome. It was very loud. I wore my Rush shirt. In the middle of the show there was an intermission and they changed their clothes. Right before the intermission Geddy said they needed to take a break because of their extreme age. Also Geddy had a video camera and he was taking a video of everyone in the audience so the Canada people could see what the America people were like and right in the middle this woman come up to him on stage and was trying to talk to him in sign language or something and he said "I'm busy now, go away."

It was the best night ever. It was just so awesome!

Sorting quiz

I took this Harry Potter sorting quiz and it sorted me into Hufflepuff, but as you can see I told it I'd rather be in Ravenclaw, since my score was really close to Ravenclaw too.

Hufflepuff - 13
Ravenclaw - 12
Gryffindor - 10
Slytherin - 7

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

My mom and my step-dad got Hufflepuff too.

Monday, April 23, 2007

my fable

Last week i got a homework page where i had to write a fable and here it is:

Seleon and the Ugly Dragon
by Henry

In a time long ago, when dragons ruled the skies and giants ruled the mountains, there was an old knight who understood all of what the trees said and what the grass said. But he was destroyed by a Giant. The knight's grandson, Seleon, planned to set out on a quest to avenge his grandfather. To do this he had to go through the Mountains of Doom. The Giant lived in a cave on the tallest mountain. Seleon took his sword and provisions and departed.

Five days passed. While Seleon was on his journey he met a Dragon. The Dragon offered his help, but Seleon refused for the Dragon was an ugly being. The Dragon said, “I do not mind being refused. Take this grass, for you may need me someday. Whistle through it and I will come to your aid.”

As Seleon approached the cave, the Giant came out and asked what Seleon was doing there. Seleon replied, “I have come to avenge my grandfather, the knight you killed.”

The Giant laughed. “Youngling,” it said, “You have neither the strength nor the courage to defeat me.” And he smote Seleon off the mountain. Luckily for Seleon, he landed in a thick patch of daisies. As he lay there the daisies spoke to him: “Heed what the Dragon said!”

Seleon got up and took the grass out of his pouch. As he whistled though it, a single ear-piercing note flew from his lips and the Dragon appeared.

Seleon said, “I am sorry I refused your help before. You seemed ugly to me then, but now I see that your help is golden.”

When they reached the cave, the Dragon kicked down the giant's door and breathed fire throughout the cave. And when the heat dissipated, they saw only the smouldering remains of the marauding Giant.

Now that his grandfather had been avenged, Seleon felt at peace. He knew his friend the Dragon would always be there with him.

Because Seleon joined forces with the Dragon against the Giant who had killed his grandfather, he learned not to judge people, or dragons, by what they look like.

The End

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

McDonald's Song and Eragon

I saw a really cool little video today. It's about some people who were bored and they made an order for McDonald's in song. And here it is:

McDonald's Drive-Thru Song

Also I saw the trailer for the Eragon Movie! It was really awesome. Go to Click on the "enter site" button. Then click the "The Film" button. And then just wait! I can't wait for the movie. I think Saphira looks really good. Also I like Durza the Shade.