Sunday, August 21, 2005

Right now I'm eating dinner. My dinner is good. I'm having a home-made burrito. My mom's birthday is in 6 days! I can't wait to know how happy she will be. My birthday is going to be exactly one month after my mom's, which is really cool. I will be ten! And my mom will be thirty-six.

I watched "Napoleon Dynamite" last night, and again today. It is a very funny movie! I like the part when he said, "Tina! Come get some HAM!"

I just started playing a fun sport with my step-dad. It is called racquetball. It makes me feel very sweaty. I like it because you get to whack balls. I also like it because I get to run around!

Here is a picture of me playing racquetball. The little blue smudge near my left leg is the ball!

The court is completely sealed in. Even the door has a cool knob. It's mostly flat. It is circular and you lift up on this little flap and turn it, and then you pull. One of the four walls is made of glass but the ball isn't hard so it won't break the glass.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Today I went to karate summer camp for the first day. I went to a karate class, and then I went bowling. And we were supposed to do laser tag but the people who supervise didn't show up. :( So we went back to the dojo, that's the place where we learn, and we played games for the half-hour that was left. Then I went home and I did a puzzle with my mom. We aren't quite done yet but we're getting there. Like I mentioned in my last post, she is a very good mom.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning, partially because I was so excited about karate camp and partially because my alarm woke me up.

In the morning when I got up I watched some tv. I watched a Yu-Gi-Oh episode and I watched a Pokemon episode and I watched a Futurama episode. I will be ten soon! I am very excited about my birthday! One of my wishes for my birthday is the Lego Star Wars model, the ARK-170.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

This is going to be a pretty long post, like the other one that says it's going to be a pretty long post, because I haven't posted for a while.

I read a book not too long ago. I really liked it. My mom got me three more from the library. They're the Encyclopedia Brown series by Donald Sobol. I would recommend them if you are a liker of mysteries. Each mystery is about three or four pages long and there are a lot of mysteries in each book. They're very short and very fun. I recommend getting the first book first, so you can know what's going on and who's who --
"Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective"
. Don't judge Encyclopedia by the cover art -- all of them are wrong. The real Encyclopedia is INSIDE the book in the original illustrations.

I got some new Bionicles lately. They are called
and are very fun. Also, a while ago, at my karate class, they're having weekly drawings, and I won a drawing and won a bionicle. I have three of six Visorak. I have the green one, Keelerak. I also have the black one, Oohnorak (I don't know how to pronounce that one) and I have the red one, Vohtarak. They're all very cool! They're all the same kind of body shape but they're all very different. Even their little head ridges are different from each other.

I went to Legoland about two weeks ago. It was so fun! My mom took me. She's a very nice mom. I went on something my mom simply refused to go on, Knights' Tournament. And I wasn't tall enough to go on it alone so I got in line and I asked if there was anybody who would go with me, and I found a nice boy who would! It was very fun. We also did something called Lego Mindstorms. We programmed lego robots to do our bidding. We did one of the programs called Mission Mars and we also did something called Robosports. They were both quite fun.

My dad moved from San Diego to Carlsbad, which is so much closer. He's closer to me and I'm closer to him and I get to see him more often.

My grandma and her friend went up to San Francisco for ten days a while ago and she mailed me a robe! It's very nice. I'm wearing it right now.

I can't wait for the new Zelda videogame to come out! I also can't wait for the Bionicle 3 movie, Web of Shadows, to come out.

I went to art camp last week, for five days. It was very fun! I made a bowl, I made a parrot, I made a snail but I think it broke in the kiln which is a thing in which you bake your clay. I also made a box for my dad's birthday which was on last Monday.

I'm going to karate camp for five days starting tomorrow. It'll be very fun and I'll need to wake up very early every day so my mom can drive me there.