Thursday, May 11, 2006

Evolution of Dance

I found this awesome new video today. My mom saw it first and she thought it was so funny! And then I saw it later and I thought it was also very funny. It's this guy who does all these dances to little snatches of tunes. And it's really funny! And I've tried to dance along with almost all of the dances.

Evolution of Dance

They've announced what the Alliance race will be in the expansion pack, The Burning Crusade, for World of Warcraft. And since I haven't posted for a while, I have a few thigns to tell you.

Zinny got to level 45. He got Zorbin's Mega-Slicer. Kara got to 42 with her Druid, Animala.

And I've been playing a lot of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time lately. I got the first two stones and I'm working on getting the third. And then, I think, I have to go to Hyrule Castle, I'll get the Ocarina of Time, I'll learn the Song of Time, and I will become Adult Link. And that will be cool!

Well, my mom should read me a bedtime story now 'cause I'm really tired from all that dancing!

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