Saturday, September 16, 2006

Henry's Party Day - Today!

I had my birthday party today. It was really really fun. It was a good sunny day -- perfect for what I was doing. It was a swimming party, and videogames, and water balloons, and fun. My actual birthday isn't until the 27th, Wednesday after next. My mom, dad, and stepdad are going to give me presents on my actual birthday. A good number of friends came. Nathan and Laura, Fargo, Kasey and Chipper, Sam, Cierra, Cassidy, and Daneesha. Plus me makes ten children.

We had cherry pie and pizza and deviled eggs (I made the deviled eggs). I had a pinata that looked like a black dragon.

I got 4 bionicles, metal puzzles, a dragon egg with a dragon in it, water guns, and a $45 gift certificate to Boarnes and Noble and a really cool bookmark!

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