Monday, March 27, 2006

Level 40!

Level 40! Level 40! Level 40!

I got to level 40 on Saturday! Woohoo! (My character Zinny, in World of Warcraft)

Level 40 is important to me because 1) I get to wear mail 2) I get a mount and 3) I feel invincible!

I have my mount now. Isn't that sweet? My mount cost about 90 gold. Now I have 6!

Here is a screenshot of me on my mount, Sybar. My mom took it; she is the elf sitting down.

The reason Sybar is yawning is that I pressed the jump button. If you're not moving and you press the jump button, she yawns. But if you're moving, she jumps!

My mom is going to read me a bedtime story now, so goodnight!

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