Monday, April 24, 2006

Zorbin's MegaSlicer

I was up at 4:30 this morning. Early, eh? I played a good amount of World of Warcraft today, too. Zinny is almost level 45! Then he can get the Zapped Giants quest. And then if Lamenth, my dad, will help me with that, then I can get Zorbin's MegaSlicer, which is a cool sword. It has a notch in it. Also I have a Phantom Blade. It is really good. It has a chance-on-hit effect, which is it decreases armor by 120. I am trying to get an icy enchant on it so it looks even cooler. I ate bread and butter for dinner. I swam with the turtle.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bionicle Bin

I am very tired right now. But I am going to dance with my Grandma! It will be fun, I think. We have not danced for centuries = (a few months).

I got a big bucket of Bionicle Parts, and my dad and I made some Bionicles. I haven't decided names for two of them yet. I haven't thought of names for any of them yet. I am loooking at two right now. One has a tail, two arms and two legs. His tail helps him stand up. And the other has a cool knife, a shield, no tail, but some cool shoulder pads. I'm planning on making a little thing about them, like a movie or a comic.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I love my bike a lot. It is so cool. It is green! I feel happy when I ride it, except the seat is a little bit too hard. There is nowhere to ride around here, so I just went back and forth in the hall, not very fast, just enough to get the feel of my bike.

I played WoW for a while today. It was fun. I got all four Skullsplitter Fetishes. It was hard to find the Mystics who dropped them.

Well, my mom will read me a bedtime story now, so goodnight, or good day -- whenver you're reading this.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Animal Park

I did a lot of good stuff today. I went to the Wild Animal Park. I saw the lion chewing a bone, I saw the white tiger looking at me through a big clump of grass and trees.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Lots of Work

Today I did a whole bunch of work. First I took books off my Grandmom's desk, which I had taken off before but she put back on this morning. So I had to move the books so my mom and step-dad could move the desk so it wasn't blocking the window and then I had to put the books back which was very tiring. And then I sat around and watched my Mom cleaning my Grandmom's computer, and then I assembled three lamps. And then I cleaned up the big mess. Lots of work, eh?

And then I ate a very hearty dinner. Half a box of macaroni-and-cheese-and-peas and a giant cookies-n-cream ice cream cone. I finished off the entire tub. I am very tired now and my mom should read me a bedtime story now.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Almost 44 today. I think I will probably level to 44 tomorrow. I did four quests today.

1) I did the Witherbark Cages
2) I went to the Altar of Zul. That was hard.
3) I went to Nethergarde Keep.
4) I did Voodoo Dues
5) I did Kurzen's Mystery
6) I did The Curse of the Tides

I guess that's more than four!

Now I order my mom to read me a bedtime story.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cortello's Riddle

Today I did four quests in World of Warcraft. They were all very fun. First we went to a bridge. The quest was a rhyming riddle:

There is an ornate, well-traveled bridge
East of Deadwind and south of Redridge
Underneath there waits something for you
Some call it a hint, others a clue
There it will lie for endless tomorrows
Biding its time in the Swamp of Sorrows

Isn't that a cool riddle? I like the part about an "ornate, well-traveled bridge, east of Deadwind and south of Redridge." That's cool 'cause it rhymes.

For the second quest we had to kill dragon whelps. Those are small little green floaty dragon things.

And for the third quest we had to collect driftwood. That wasn't too hard. We had to kill a few basilisks and murlocs but it wasn't too hard.

And for the fourth quest, all we had to do was go to some dude in Nethergarde Keep. My mom hit level 41 today!

I designed and built a new bionicle today. I will put a picture of him up tomorrow.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Carrot on a Stick and 43

I got a Carrot on a Stick today in World of Warcraft. It was very very hard. Also I leveled to level 43 -- YAY! Carrot on a Stick was very hard to get. It was in a dungeon and we had to go all the way through to get it and it was all very high levels. Carrot on a Stick increases your mount speed by 3%.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Today. Yay yay 42 yay! I got to 42 today. Also my mom got her mount, yay!

We went to the library today. We got three audio books, two Junie Jones, the "Days of knights and damsels" activity book, and the Lord of the Rings official movie guide.

Also we made two cardboard swords from the Activity Book, and then when my step-dad got home from work, he made me a wooden one! And we plan on making two more - one for him, and one for my friend Fargo who is coming over soon.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good Podcasts

I played World of Warcraft for a while today. My mother is almost level 40. Zinny is almost level 42.

I've been reading the Harry Potter books through and through over the last few days. I finished the first one, and I started the second one. I usually read about a chapter or two a day. I'm in chapter 8, on page 72 or 73, in Chamber of Secrets now.

I like to listen to two Harry Potter podcasts. Mugglecast and Pottercast.
They're both very good, they talk about Harry Potter books and movies.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Here is a photo of Corporal Zinny on his mount:

He almost made level 42 today! Not quite, but almost. I did a really hard quest today, it was so hard, I died so many times. We had to get Mokk's Heart. He is a gorilla. There were like 10 gorillas guarding him, all over level 41.

Today I helped my mom kill Bhag'Thera, a 43 elite panther. Now she has to kill Tethis, a 43 elite raptor, and then we get to kill King Bangalosh. He is another elite. And then we can be on the same quest!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Corporal Zinny

I got to Corporal today! Isn't that sweet? Corporal is the one after Private. The next military rank in the game is Sergeant. Woohoo, sounds cool! I can't wait to be one!

I can't wait for my friend Fargo to come over. We're not quite sure what the date will be, but it's sometime in the week of the tenth.

I had a huge dinner tonight. I had stir-fry, an ice cream cone, and an entire PB&B (peanut-butter and banana) sandwich.

I also went to the Wild Animal Park today.
It rainhed so much today. I think it still is.