Thursday, March 30, 2006


I did some really really hard stuff in World of Warcraft today. The first part wasn't so hard, we just had to kill a lot of ogres. And we had to get some wand from this main named ogre dude, I don't remember his name. It was something like "Something the Something." The second part was where we had to go in this awful place called Stromgarde, and we had to get this Azure Agate and it was so hard! 'Cause only Shamans drop them and they don't drop them often and there are a whole bunch of 40 elites there. So we finally did that and then we stopped.

We cleaned my room a bit today. It looks much better. I can actually walk around in it now. There was a huge pile of toys but not anymore. And then I built a carrying case for my Yu-Gi-Oh cards. It's this silver case, and it has two latches, and when you open those, the Yu-Gi-Oh cards are there. I have five entire decks, and I have six fusion cards. Fusion cards are cards you can only use if you put together two other cards to form that card.

I pulled a muscle in karate today. It still hurts. I had a bath for about an hour.

I watched some new episodes of a funny video podcast called Ask A Ninja. It's a bit violent and there's a little bit of Language, buit it's not that bad and it's VERY funny. It's where these people write in to the Ninja (we don't know his name, he doesn't have a name) and he answers their questions in his own unique way. I'd recommend it if you want a funny podcast!

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