Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fierce Celtic Warrior

I'm sorry I havn't blogged for so long, but here I am now.

I made some Celtic Warrior Gear today. In my History book, there are stories about the history of the world, and there is an activity book that goes with it, you know -- coloring, projects, quizzes, etc. And so I made a Celtic Double-Bladed Axe. It's made of a wrapping-paper cardboard tube, some cardboard for the blades, and string, and paper, and glue, and tape, and a blue marker (optional). First we cut out the blades, and then we covered the cardboard blades with white paper. Then I had to go to karate. But when I came back, I colored the blades with blue marker, swirly and circley designs. And then my mom cut slits in the cardboard tube and I slid the axe blades right in there. And then we put some string in a X-formation to keep the blades attached, although it's kind of coming off right now, so I'll cut some slits in the blades and re-wrap it tomorrow.

Then I started making the Celtic Dragon Brooch, which is really cool but it's kind of hard to describe. It has green and red and blue marker on it in an abstract dragon design. It's made of cardboard and rubber cement and tape and paper and markers. And a pin on the back, which I just taped on, although the instructions said to hot-glue it but we couldn't find the hot glue. And the cloak is just a towel -- any towel will do. You spread the towel out so the short ends are facing to either side of you, then pin them together over your shoulder with the brooch. And tomorrow my mom and I are going to get something to put blue designs upon my body, and then I will be a fierce Celtic Warrior attacking the Roman badguy!

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