Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cortello's Riddle

Today I did four quests in World of Warcraft. They were all very fun. First we went to a bridge. The quest was a rhyming riddle:

There is an ornate, well-traveled bridge
East of Deadwind and south of Redridge
Underneath there waits something for you
Some call it a hint, others a clue
There it will lie for endless tomorrows
Biding its time in the Swamp of Sorrows

Isn't that a cool riddle? I like the part about an "ornate, well-traveled bridge, east of Deadwind and south of Redridge." That's cool 'cause it rhymes.

For the second quest we had to kill dragon whelps. Those are small little green floaty dragon things.

And for the third quest we had to collect driftwood. That wasn't too hard. We had to kill a few basilisks and murlocs but it wasn't too hard.

And for the fourth quest, all we had to do was go to some dude in Nethergarde Keep. My mom hit level 41 today!

I designed and built a new bionicle today. I will put a picture of him up tomorrow.

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