Thursday, February 23, 2006

New gear!

Today I got new karate gear! My mom bought it for me. I got a new cup, and a new mouthguard, and some lovely new handpads! They're on me right now. They feel much better than my old ones because they leave my palms entirely free, and I can put them on either hand. They're the right size, too. My old one were getting worn out and too small.

I got the part of Grandpa Joe in the play of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a very funny role!

My mom and I went outside today for a long time. I played guitar and we brought the pets out. The turtle dug in the ground and buried herself, and the bird just sat in his cage, chirping. The reason we went outside was that it was a very nice lovely day. Also I played with a ball.

We also played World of Warcraft for a long time, and we sat upstairs and listened to a story while we both did handwriting. It's easy to do handwriting while listening to a story; however if you're trying to watch a movie and do handwriting you get all confused about which you want to do more, but when you listen to a story you can do both.

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