Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bionicle Bin

I am very tired right now. But I am going to dance with my Grandma! It will be fun, I think. We have not danced for centuries = (a few months).

I got a big bucket of Bionicle Parts, and my dad and I made some Bionicles. I haven't decided names for two of them yet. I haven't thought of names for any of them yet. I am loooking at two right now. One has a tail, two arms and two legs. His tail helps him stand up. And the other has a cool knife, a shield, no tail, but some cool shoulder pads. I'm planning on making a little thing about them, like a movie or a comic.

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bionicole said...

I like bionicles. I'm starting a blog.


I'm new at this still.