Friday, January 14, 2005

We played World of Warcraft today, me and my mom. We went someplace completely different, the eastern kingdoms. I got a new sword, it's 2-handed, it's really good, it does 20 to 30 damage. I am level 14 now. My pet is level 12, I think. My mom is level 13. It's a run! We explored the Fargodeep mine, which was wayyyyyyyy too easy. We explored the jasperload mine which was kind of hard since I ran through the camps on a bloodthirsty rampage but then I retreated and almost died. I guess that's what you get for a bloopdthirsty rampage. After that, the Jasperload mine wasn;t too hard. We found a new type of spider called the Mine Spider. It wasn't too hard. But it looked very dangerous, all black with red spot on the back. We went through the Wetlands which was sort of hard. My mom died two time. I just kept running on the road. I explored Ironforge. Which is a cool place. To get there, we had to go through the Wetlands then we had to go through some supposedly orc-infested tunnels but there was nothing there. We took a ship from Auberdine to Menethil. We also explored Stormwind!

I painted a picture of a bionicle. Here it is:

I have the real bionicle. It has a slightly different color of red on the head.

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Kara said...

Hi Henry, I like that painting! I hope you'll finish the green one soon.