Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I went to karate today. I had fun. We did a type of sparring. If you don't know what sparring is, it's a type of drill. If you don't know what a drill is, it's a type of exercise.

In World of Warcraft today I played for a couple of hours and I got a pet in my game. I learned how to feed it, I learned how to revive it from being dead, I can call it, he can eat meat and fish. He is a Nightsaber, that's like a saber-tooth tiger, only black. The different character I have in the game, Nsx, can fish. My pet's name is Bytr. I like World of Warcraft so much! My mother's character, Ramona, is a warrior in the game. She can use a shield, which I can't. Since I am a hunter, I can train animals. My character's name is Zinny and he can fish now. I am pretty far in the game. My mom and I went to a new place in the game called the Oracle Glade. It was very hard. I died. My mom ran. My pet survived even though he was level 6 and the bad guys were like level 9. I summoned him as soon as I resurrected myself. Then we went and killed some Gnarlpine Mystics and a special Gnarlpine guy whose name I don't remember but I remember his title -- Dream-eater. That's when my pet died. I killed the bad guy, I got a gem, I completed a quest. My mom and I went southwest. We got to a new spot which I had been to before once. I found it but I was never in it. We met a new type of Nightsaber called a nightsaber elder. All the other ones are listed here:

A young nightsaber
A nightsaber (that's what my pet is)
A nightsaber stalker
A nightsaber elder

Those are all I can think of. There might be more but those are all I can think of right now.

My character, Zinny, is level 11 now.

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Armand said...

Hi There Henry,

I have a blog of my own now!!!!! So I can comment on yours. See you tonight.

Love, Matthew