Thursday, January 06, 2005

In World of Warcraft today I played longer than my mom. Quite a while longer. My pet grew to level 8, I grew to level 12, and my mom is level 10. I took a hippogriff today. That's part horse, part eagle. It was very fun. Then I took a ship back. I could have ridden but I decided to do that instead. We slayed the giant spider Lady Sathrah. She was very hard. She gave us a silvery spinarette. A nice person helped us fight the spider. I was the highest of them all. He was level 9. I've been playing the longest with that character.

I built part of my treehouse today. I had lunch with a friend in it.

My dad has a blog now. The link is

We chatted with my Aunt Kathy who got here the day before yesterday. Are you having a good time Kathy? "Mmhmm!" Good!

We read another chapter in my new book. "Junie B., First Grader: BOO! And I MEAN it!" It is a funny funny book and I recommend it very much. There are misspellings which is funny and there are words that don't exist like "shreddle". That is in the book!


Kara said...

Hi Henry, I sure like playing World of Warcraft with you! We did a good job on the spider quest, didn't we? I also like reading Junie B. Jones to you, and I agree that it is a funny, funny book!


Scott Johnson said...
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Scott Johnson said...

What? The word shreddle exists, see Shreddle