Friday, January 07, 2005

It is raining so hard where I am! I love it so much! I hope it snows in the mountains, but I probably can't go because I don't have the right gear.

I wish I had World of Warcraft here, but since I am with my dad for a while I don't. Maybe we can go out and buy it today.

I have a shorter post today than usual because my posts are all about world of warcraft, but because I don't have it here right now, I don't have such a long post. My dad has the website so I will try to make a poetry piece. Here it is:

I am tired this morning
Cause I didn't sleep well.
Actually I did,
but my sister miguel
Won't let me sleep.
She always says
"He he he".

I don't really have a sister miguel.

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Kara said...

Hi Henry! I was glad to read your new post. I like your poem! Instead of playing World of Warcraft, you could listen to some music or read a book or run around outside! But I know Warcraft is really fun too :)

See you Monday!