Friday, January 28, 2005

I played World of Warcraft today. I grew to level 17. I just killed some pretty easy monsters and then I was there! It was very fun. I think it was yesterday I saw an ad for World of Warcraft on a computer at CompUSA.

The day before yesterday I built a little lego car. Here is a short movie of it:

Since you have seen the movie, you would know, or maybe not, that the gray things on the sides are balancer things. Because if it fell over on its side they would be there and they would stop it from falling down completely. And they are also made out of hard rubber in the car that I would be dreaming of if I actually made a real one and they would be springy so you would spring back and be on your wheels again.

We collected Grell Earrings in the game. When we handed in that quest it was worth 900 experience which was pretty good!

I played with my friends today. We played outside mostly, trying to think of what to do. We played Hide and Seek. I drank a wierd vegetable drink that looked brown and disgusting but was actually delicious.

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