Tuesday, February 22, 2005

We went to the museums today down in Balboa Park. It rained almost all day but when we were outside of the car and the museums it was not raining. We went to the Aerospace Museum which is one of my favorite museums. We saw lots of cool planes and there was a special exhibit loaned by another museum and it was an Apollo Command Module. Behind the exhibit there was a little tv that shows the astronauts doing their first 2-person spacewalk. And the way they sounded. They were very calm.

There was a simulation where you get to fly what seems to be a Wright Brothers plane and you get to fly it in the simulation. First they had you take off, then they make you go way high in the air so you can get some altitude and then what you do is go straight down and then pull up and you do a flip! I did that two times. And then they make it so your engine isn't working and you have to land. I landed it!

We went to the Automotive Museum. I saw a really nice car. And it was a DeLorean. And it was beautiful, I tell you! I also saw a nice trailer, which was more like a camper than a trailer but that's what they called it. It had nice velvety seats and nice velvety curtains and it was a nice color of wood inside.

Yesterday Fargo and I made a whole lot of movies. One of them was a Toy War with Bionicles/Yu-Gi-Oh and Lord of the Rings. Then there was one where we were duelling with Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

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