Thursday, March 17, 2005

There is a show that I just heard about and like very much called MegaMan NT warrior. The NT stands for Network Transmission. There have been two shows recorded in the TiVo so far. One of them is about this evil netnava guy whose name is FlashMan. And he kept using neon lights and he used FlashLight too, once. Of course MegaMan came in to save the day. He almost giot delleted because his data was breaking up. And then MegaMan's friend Role came in to help too.

The second episode was about Lan's friend Yie. Lan is MegaMan's Netoperator And Role's net operator is Lan's friend Melu. MegaMan was a present from Lan's father to Lan. Though his body may be small, it is packed with mountains of strength inside. MegaMan was designed by Lan's father. MegaMan acts like an older brother to Lan, joking with him, teasing him, alerting him to trouble, and even scolding him.

We watched movies today because we are sick. My mom and I both have a cold. We watched Some Like It Hot. It's pretty good. It's funny. The two male musicians dress up as girls which is pretty funny!

We watched A Mighty Wind and Best In Show, too. A Mighty Wind is funny! It's overall a parody of folk music. There is a band in it called The Folksmen. They do a song called Old Joe's Place. There's a busted neon sigh that flashes "E__ A_ _OE'S"

Best in Show was pretty good. It was about a dog show, and it was made by the same cast who made A Mighty Wind.

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