Sunday, February 20, 2005

Today I came home from my Dad's. I came home and I played with my friend. He beat me in a game of Duel Monsters -- that's from Yu-Gi-Oh. I have some very good cards. I have Pyramid of Light, a very strong card that destroys Andro Sphinx and Sphinx Teleia. It also has the ability to destroy all monsters on the field. I also have six cards, all very important ones. Here they are:

2 Blue Eyes White Dragons
1 Blue Eyes Toon Dragon
Toon World, which lets me activate Blue Eyes Toon Dragon
and finally, Polymerization, which lets me fuse all of them together into Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

As you can see, I like Blue Eyes!

Next I have Moisture Creature. If you tribute summon this monster by offering three monsters on the field as a tribute, destroy all spell and trap cards on your opponent's side of the field.

Did I mention that if I sacrifice Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, I can summon Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, a VERY powerful card! As far as I know, it is the only card that can defeat Pyramid of Light, which I have!

I have two Monster Reborns -- select 1 monster card from either your own or your opponent's graveyard and place it on the field under your control in attack or defense position. (face up) This is considered a Special Summon.

I also have a card called Dark Hole. This is a very powerful card. It destroys all monsters on the field.

These are not all of my cards, they are just some of the best that I have.

I am borrowing a video camera from my Grandma. It is charging up so I can use it in the morning. I hope it will work! I am going to use it tomorrow if it works. I will make a BIONICLE MOVIE!!!

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