Thursday, February 10, 2005

I broke my arm yesterday. It was an interesting experience. I went to the hospital as soon as it happened. My uncle made a temporary splint out of paper bags and plastic bags, which was very nice of him. I have a temporary cast on and a blue sling, which is good because blue is my favorite color. I'm going back to the doctor's on Friday to get a check up. If my bones are lined up correctly, they will give me a real permanent cast.

In World of Warcraft today, I grew to LEVEL 19, YAY! My mom is level 18, my pet is level 18, too. We did a hard quest where we had to get food samples from a Furbolg camp, and to do that we had to kill Furbolgs, which were hard. I kept dying almost all the time. And then when we did that we had to get Fruit, Nut, and Grain samples. Hard. Then we had to mix the Fruit, Nut, and Grain samples in a mixing bowl, and then we had to place it by the fire, and then the Furbolgs came and ate it and got calm, and then the guy who was making them angry and red came out because he was angry that we were making them peaceful, and then we killed him no problem. We also figured out about the Buzzbox Secret.

I am playing a good game called Bejeweled 2. It isn't better than Bejeweled the first one, but it's cooler, I think. Here is a link to it, if you wish to go there: Bejeweled 2.

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