Sunday, August 21, 2005

Right now I'm eating dinner. My dinner is good. I'm having a home-made burrito. My mom's birthday is in 6 days! I can't wait to know how happy she will be. My birthday is going to be exactly one month after my mom's, which is really cool. I will be ten! And my mom will be thirty-six.

I watched "Napoleon Dynamite" last night, and again today. It is a very funny movie! I like the part when he said, "Tina! Come get some HAM!"

I just started playing a fun sport with my step-dad. It is called racquetball. It makes me feel very sweaty. I like it because you get to whack balls. I also like it because I get to run around!

Here is a picture of me playing racquetball. The little blue smudge near my left leg is the ball!

The court is completely sealed in. Even the door has a cool knob. It's mostly flat. It is circular and you lift up on this little flap and turn it, and then you pull. One of the four walls is made of glass but the ball isn't hard so it won't break the glass.

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terah said...

Sounds like you're staying very busy! When I was in college I played some wallyball - kind of the same as racquetball & volleyball, but you use your hands to hit the ball - also pretty fun!