Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I cleaned up my room today. I found a book called Wizard Craft. There are a lot of crafts and things in there that you can make like you could make a sorcerer's hat or a feather and jewel turban or a wizard's robe, and here's one of the best ones -- you could make crystal candy which looks very delicious and I might make sometime! It also shows you how to read palms and how to read tea-leaves.

My Mom and my Grandma just went to Iowa a couple of days ago but they are back now.

I played my guitar for a while today. I made up stuff. I made up a kind of cool riff! I listened to music and played and tried to figure out something, but I was unsuccessful.

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terah said...

OOOHHHH!! I've always wanted to know how to read palms! Cosmic Ray & I were in New Orleans last month, and they had lots of palm readers in booths everywhere. I didn't get my palm read, though, because my hand had a cut on it & I didn't want that to influence
the reading. :-)