Monday, April 23, 2007

my fable

Last week i got a homework page where i had to write a fable and here it is:

Seleon and the Ugly Dragon
by Henry

In a time long ago, when dragons ruled the skies and giants ruled the mountains, there was an old knight who understood all of what the trees said and what the grass said. But he was destroyed by a Giant. The knight's grandson, Seleon, planned to set out on a quest to avenge his grandfather. To do this he had to go through the Mountains of Doom. The Giant lived in a cave on the tallest mountain. Seleon took his sword and provisions and departed.

Five days passed. While Seleon was on his journey he met a Dragon. The Dragon offered his help, but Seleon refused for the Dragon was an ugly being. The Dragon said, “I do not mind being refused. Take this grass, for you may need me someday. Whistle through it and I will come to your aid.”

As Seleon approached the cave, the Giant came out and asked what Seleon was doing there. Seleon replied, “I have come to avenge my grandfather, the knight you killed.”

The Giant laughed. “Youngling,” it said, “You have neither the strength nor the courage to defeat me.” And he smote Seleon off the mountain. Luckily for Seleon, he landed in a thick patch of daisies. As he lay there the daisies spoke to him: “Heed what the Dragon said!”

Seleon got up and took the grass out of his pouch. As he whistled though it, a single ear-piercing note flew from his lips and the Dragon appeared.

Seleon said, “I am sorry I refused your help before. You seemed ugly to me then, but now I see that your help is golden.”

When they reached the cave, the Dragon kicked down the giant's door and breathed fire throughout the cave. And when the heat dissipated, they saw only the smouldering remains of the marauding Giant.

Now that his grandfather had been avenged, Seleon felt at peace. He knew his friend the Dragon would always be there with him.

Because Seleon joined forces with the Dragon against the Giant who had killed his grandfather, he learned not to judge people, or dragons, by what they look like.

The End


Kara said...

I really like your fable, Henry! Good job. I hope you'll write something else soon.

tafkak said...

Yea young scribe, you have smote this assignment mightily! I shall raise a flagon of carrot juice in your honor and in the honor of your wise knight!

Dan said...

Awesome, Henry!

Zach said...

I agree with kara that you should write more soon. Amazing, Henry, amazing!

H.O.L.E. said...

Great story Henry! You have both talent and skill. I look forward to seeing more!