Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hey it's me again. My mom is reading me a good book called "The Wide Window". It's by Lemoney Snickett. The kids' Aunt Josephine left them a note with several grammatical errors. The grammatical errors add up to make a secret code in the note.

I have a guide to the Elvish Tongue, not tongue as in the one in your mouth -- speech, language. I got it from the internet. We downloaded a picture of Legolas for the cover.

I went to the Wild Animal Park yesterday. I played in the fake snow, I slid down the hill, and I threw snowballs at the assistants. I am serious! It was fun.

Here is something for you to ponder. Mae govannen, namaarie, lasta lalaithamin.

I will tell you the answer next time.

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Kathyt said...

Mae Govannen to you too!